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Both a guitarist and a music producer, Qazi Waseem Ahmed has learned how to play the guitar on his own while growing up listening to classic rock, rnb and popular music. He has been playing professionally since he was a teenager and has performed as a session musician at more than 900 events worldwide.


Waseem has recorded and produced music for various bands and vocalists. His career has included working with prominent artists like ‘Kailash Kher,’ ‘Raeth,’ and ‘Farhan Saeed,’ among others, in addition to being a founding member of the nu-metal band ‘Urban Hysteria’ and Sufi band ‘Aleph’. He has also worked with companies including Sony, Vivo, and Puma.

By programming all the musical elements from scratch, he remixes well-known songs for his solo work under the moniker Kazinama. In contrast to the genre's more popular remixes Kazinama's arrangements give a new musical bed to the melody while retaining the essence of the song. In order to provide the remixes a new visual narrative, he also edits the videos himself.

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